The TURBOQUENCH process is the most modern process for the high quality rebars in the world. The requisite water process is maintained by opening a number of nozzles to bring down the temperature of the bar from 1000° C to the required temperasture in seconds. This process is called a quenching operation. As soon as this quenching is stopped the surface laser is tempered by using the residual heat left in the core of the bar (self tempering of the site laser) hence the name TURBOQUENCH. Tempering temperature is kept between 600° C to 680° C; further the bars are subjected to normal air cooling to ambient temperature at the cooling bed.


We are the authorized manufacturers of TURBOQUENCH TMT bars, the certificate of which is attached further in this book. It is a revolutionary technology that makes high strength TMT bars with excellent ductility and ensures good weldability. It provides optimal physical properties to the bars while lowering the consumption of alloys. It’s an efficient technology with zero discard through quality control and increased yield in continuous casting and steel melt shop.
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