Cold Twisted Deformed (CTD) Bars have high strength and proof stress and are being produced by the state-of-the-art High Speed Rolling and Precision Cold Twisting Technologies. CTD Bars carry FE 415 Grade as per BIS Norms and our product comparison with BIS and other standards of the world give us a definitive edge in the quality and the reliability of our products that are characterized by following features:
  1. Better strength
  2. Suitable for both compression and tension reinforcement
  3. 100% weldability
  4. Minimum weight & maximum strength, thus economical
  5. Satisfactory bendability
  6. Thermal and earthquake resistance

Properties - Amravati TOR Bars
Physical Properties
Size Weight as per ISI
(Fe 415)
Weight of Amravati
(TOR Saria)
08mm 0.337-0.423 0.385-0.405
10mm 0.574-0.660 0.600-0.625
12mm 0.844-0.932 0.860-0.900
16mm 1.499-1.657 1.540-1.590
20mm 2.392-2.540 2.420-2.480
25mm 3.739-3.970 3.820-3.890
Mechanical Properties
Size Range as per ISI
(Fe 415)
Range of Amravati TOR
Saria (Fe 500)
Proof Test 415N/mm2 500N/mm2
Tensile Strength 415N/mm2 415N/mm2
Elongation 14.50% 20%
Bend Test upto 22mm-3D Over 22mm-3D
Chemical Properties
Size Range as per ISI
(Fe 415)
Range of Amravati
TOR Saria
Carbon 0.30 Max. 0.28 Max.
Manganese - 0.40-0.60 Max.
Sulphur 0.060 Max. 0.055 Max.
Phosphorus 0.060 Max. 0.055 Max.
Sulphur+Phosphorus 0.110 Max. 0.100 Max.
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